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Creativity & Brand Track


The Creativity & Brand track is ideal for brand managers, creative agencies and anyone who wants to learn more about how creativity and data can work together to affect positive business outcomes. We cover off the secrets to creative messaging, how to leverage AI and DCO to drive campaign success and why it's always important to lead with brand storytelling.



The Secrets to Creative Messaging 

What is the behavioural science to how we react to creative messaging? In this session we will explore how data and psychometric analysis can inform best creative performance. 

Moving Beyond the Cookie with Moment Marketing

Cookies have been a great source of information, telling us the who, the when and the where of consumer behaviour, but how can businesses think beyond the cookie?

In this session we will look at how macro inputs and their ability to provide real world, real-time moments.

The Future of Video 

Video is proven to be the most engaging advertising format, and is projected to grow more than 15% each year for the next five years. Which audiences are the drivers of this change? 

How to Design and Develop High Impact Branding

In this session we will explore how to create high impact branding campaigns that tell your brand story across all screens. 


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